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Lloyd was aged 18, 6ft 3in tall and weighed 19 stone and was halfway through his second year of studying Welsh at Cardiff University when, during a dinner with his flatmates, he started to suffer from stomach pains.

The culprit: a ‘dodgy’ spaghetti bolognese, which left them all with a nasty spell of food poisoning.

I was scared that it would hurt, but I only ate a little bit slowly and it was fine.’As the medication began to reduce his pain and bloating, the former performing arts student slowly increased his food repertoire.

Now, having come off his medication two years ago, Lloyd has found alternative methods of keeping his symptoms at bay – and singing is one of them.‘My singing teacher back home taught me how to breathe deeply in order to access my voice, and I use that whenever I feel pain or irritation in my stomach.‘Whenever I feel a flare-up coming on, I’ll sing – it really helps to control my breathing and ease the pain.

He has already won the hearts of millions of X Factor viewers across Britain with his beaming smile and Welsh charm.

But behind the curtain, would-be pop star Lloyd Macey – dubbed on social media as The Voice of the Valleys – is battling an incurable, chronic disease.

‘My stomach feels the benefit too and is less painful.

The illness results from an abnormality in the immune system, which causes an over-reaction to certain bacteria in the intestine.

Crohn’s is a blessing in disguise because my treatment has made me a better singer.’Lloyd relies on the same technique to deal with stressful situations, such as singing in front of four million people and Simon Cowell.

‘I do breathing exercises before I go on stage and every night before bed,’ he says.

That’s when they tend to be diagnosed.’Lloyd was just happy to know what was wrong. We were worried that it would be something a lot worse.

But very quickly the excitement wore off and my parents and I thought: oh wait, now I have to deal with it.‘I didn’t really know what Crohn’s was.

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The singer then sailed through the ‘judges’ houses’ heat of the contest to win a place at the final in front of a live audience and 4.3 million TV viewers.

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