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Each bootcamp starts off with a classroom-style seminar in which you learn our powerful techniques for becoming the man who can attract women with ease.

The advice is tailored to your personal style and preference, whether you want to be the life of the party, or the strong silent type.

The more traits you pick that are above the average, the lower the statistical odds that you’ll find a match. Increase your criteria to an attractive man at least 6-feet tall who makes ,000, and you’re left with only one.

Add another trait — funny, kind, even a political affiliation — and it becomes statistically impossible to find him out of 100 men.

Next, our instructors will take you out to the most popular venues to demonstrate how everything works right in front of your eyes and then help you practice what you’ve just learned.

While you’re out, instructors provide hands-on coaching to further refine your abilities, and make sure you get an experience that will forever change you.

In another similar study done at Harvard, even untrained undergraduates were able to guess the couples’ futures based on a 15 minute interaction with an 81 percent accuracy.Like and lust diminish over time, but at different rates.According to studies, liking declines at a rate of 3 percent per year, while lust deteriorates faster at 8 percent per year. Once we know this, move on to the traits that we require in a lover.Couples came to the “Love Lab” and were asked to talk for 15 minutes about “continuing disagreements” and “events of the day” as researchers who had never met the couple observed.Certain behaviors — like signs of defensiveness or resentment — were noted.

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