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Alexander was particularly excited about being “a background extra” on the reality show.Two of the show’s staples, Rick Harrison and the colorful Chumlee (real name Austin Lee Russell), the childhood friend of Rick’s son, naturally haggled with Vogt in their usual hilarious fashion to try and attain the Texas piece.

Blanche herself stated it was an illustration of how easy it is to be seduced by crime.” What many may not know, Vogt said, is Blanche retired to Kerrville until her death in 1988.Blanche wrote the manuscript during her incarceration in Missouri State Penitentiary.“This is in a three-ring binder that weighs 1 to 2 pounds,” said Katy Alexander, Vogt’s specialty auctions director, who runs the house’s online bidding.A friend, Esther Weiser, also from Kerrville, was named executor of Blanche’s estate.“She kept Blanche’s papers in a closet for 20 years before discovering the memoir.

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They were arrested after a Barrow Gang shootout that left them both injured.

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