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A powerful PHP generator for you to develop fast, simple, secure at a low cost.Connect with your database (My SQL, Postgre SQL, SQLite, Interbase, Firebird, Access, Oracle, MS SQLServer, DB2, Sy Base, Informix or ODBC layer) and generate web applications based on your tables, simply and safely.If so, your DHCP server may not be configured to auto-register their IP with the DNS server.To check, right-click your DHCP scope and go to properties.On the DNS tab enable DNS dynamic updates and set to "Always dynamically update..." Also enable Dynamic Update for clients that do not request updates.1a) Even if these are enabled, you might need to make sure the DHCP server has permissions to update DNS records.Page Crafters' clients range from large corporations to entrepreneurs and small mom and pops.Although we work extensively with companies in South Shore Massachusetts towns such as Marshfield, Scituate, Duxbury, Hanover, Hingham, Plymouth and Quincy, we have also designed websites for customers all over the United States.

Also make sure your DNS server are listed on the Name Servers tab. Ok so given that your DHCP server is not registering the records on behalf of the clients, and aside from your windows clients not being set to register with DNS on their NICs (which you should verify in TCP/IP properties on the client NIC), I would check the security settings on your reverse zone to make sure clients are allowed to register in the reverse zone.We simplify the process for you and take care of the technical details, so that you can focus on your message and the products and services you offer.Let us show you how easy it is to establish an Internet presence for your organization.The reverse lookup zone exists, and I can add entries to it manually, but it doesn't automatically populate.Dynamic updates are enabled for both the forward and reverse zones. This could be due to a couple of different things: 1) Are your clients obtaining IPs via a Windows DHCP Server?

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The forward DNS entries ("A" records) for windows machines on the domain are populated automatically.

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