Washburn serial dating

You can confirm the year of manufacture by visiting our guitar archives reference pricelists/ catalogs.

Instruments with serial numbers that have 5 or more characters are from the late 1980's-2000's Instruments with serial numbers that have 5 characters or less are typically from the 1980's.

For example, 8901827 indicate the instrument was made in 1989, 1988, or 1998.

Only reservation is that the finish, while a nice colour and well-applied, is rather thick and glossy.

I've seen the more recent Chinese incarnations of the M3-SW, and while the specs read similar, they seemed rather lower build quality and more generic than mine.

Instruments with serial numbers that have 4 characters are from the 1970's and early 1980's.

For instruments produced after 2010, usually the first 4 digits can indicate the year of manufacture.

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