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This scholarship is funded by the University of Tasmania This is a theoretical, computational and experimental work to develop adaptive model predictive controllers for the grid integration of marine renewable energy systems.

Applicants are encouraged to contact Associate Professor Pengfei Liu to discuss the various perspectives related to this type of research.

Please contact Associate Professor Pengfei Liu for more information. You can also apply for externally funded scholarships.

Not yet This is a theoretical and computational work and/or experimental work to simulate the tidal speed and corresponding time duration and finally produce a useful tidal speed-time probability distribution database.The particular problem addressed in this project is the parameter variation due to aging and environmental condition.The developed control technologies should be able to adapt to the changes and maintain satisfactory performance while ensuring the robust operation of the power converter system.The outcomes of the research work are: the established reliable and accurate numerical model and tool, the predicted tidal current speed and time practicability database and the optimized tidal turbine design for this particular energy site.The following eligibility criteria apply to this scholarship: Applicants should visit the Apply Now website and complete an application via the University of Tasmania's Online Application System.

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Autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) docking system is proposed to enable long-term adaptive spatio-temporal sampling of a site of scientific interest.

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