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Cuba WANTS American tourism, so they offer to stamp your visa card instead of your actual passport, so you don’t get in trouble with the US government later. I was curious what would happen when I returned to the United States. So a trip to the island involves bringing lots of cash. Please read my full budget travel guide to Cuba here. The Cuban Peso (CUP) is what locals use, and worth a lot less.This way, when you return to the United States, it just looks like you traveled to Mexico. To give you an idea, you can travel there comfortably on – 0 per day. So when you exchange money as a tourist, you’ll receive CUC.This means flying yourself to Canada or Mexico first, then traveling to Cuba on your own from one of those countries.Because for the rest of the world, Cuba has been a popular travel destination for many years.It’s never been defined officially, but basically your trip can’t just involve sitting on a beach.Travelers would talk with a school, volunteer for a community project, or collaborate with artists.I told the officer in Havana that I was traveling to Cuba for tourism, and he offered to stamp my visa card instead of my passport. When I returned to the United States, immigration didn’t even ask me what countries I’d been to, and they didn’t look at my passport stamps either.

Initially, there were three ways to accomplish this.

To adhere to the new policies as an independent traveler you need to: Basically, the rules haven’t changed much.

President Trump is trying to discourage travel to Cuba, but he’s not making it impossible either.

You could register for a special license with the US Government if the reason for your travel fit a certain category.

These include family visits, professional reasons, journalism, religious or cultural programs, and humanitarian projects. Organized tours that involve some sort of educational experience with local Cuban people.

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