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Parents are encouraged to browse the forums and decide what level of participation is appropriate.Requests for customized access are gladly granted that is, permitting access only to certain forums. As noted above, Blab has over 1,000 actively visiting hobbyists, having grown apprx. Blab offers advertisers an economical means to reach this target audience, through banner ads and occasional participation in special promotions. This site recognizes the privacy concerns of members and the importance of protecting personally identifiable information collected for site purposes.We discuss all mediums and types of model horses, as well as a few other topics. Blab maintains the principle of respectful but honest expression of opinions, with the least possible moderator intervention.Members are expected to show tolerance for a wide diversity of views, on topics focusing on model horses and also ranging from pets to current events.Blab has a Youth Forum where expectations are more relaxed and access is restricted to members 18 and under and a few adult mentors and staff.

Unregistered viewers casually browsing Blab can read some of the forums, but cannot initiate posts.

Please note that the free, all-access forum "General Off-Topic " attracts adult-oriented discussion.

More egregious language is not allowed in youth-accessible forums, but light swearing is allowed.

Join in some of the group blogs or other group discussions and you can engage other people from around the world, continuing the conversation 24/7.

Keep an on site inbox here, and you can send and receive private emails with other members as well.

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