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"A diversified portfolio has exposure to a wide array of asset classes with investments that will span most, if not all, major industries.

The investment practices followed by the foundation are common within colleges and universities as well as other institutional investors." Steven Perfect, a finance professor at Florida State University, said investors have no control over the contents of individual funds, but said they can always choose to move to other mutual funds that more closely track their preferences.

The USF Foundation is run by an elected board who raises, manages and invests money from private donors to support the university’s activities.

The board’s Investment Committee oversees the university’s 0 million total endowment.

(A Stock Ticker is the five-letter identification to look up the mutual fund.) This is what the group received: With the stock tickers, they were able to look at what companies those mutual funds invested in, which included British Petroleum (an oil company), Altria (a tobacco company better known by Philip Morris) and Core Civic (a company that owns and manages private prisons and detention centers), to name a few.

"USF hypocritically proudly tobacco free, yet, the school shares in tobacco’s plentiful profits," says a man with a cigar in tow. "We also invest in weapons manufacturers." "Anyone need a hellfire missile?

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50 percent off," exclaims a man with a missile on his shoulder. "And private prisons." "Has anyone seen any black people? "We need to make our quota." Divestment has been suggested many times at USF since 2013, either through student elections, student petitions or Student Government, often led by the student organization, Students for Justice in Palestine.

With the video buzzing on campus we wanted to check out if USF invests its money in oil companies, tobacco companies, weapons manufacturers and private prisons. When we reached out to USF Divest about this claim, they said their evidence stems from a 2013 document detailing how the USF Foundation invests its share of USF’s endowment money. The university’s total endowment of more than 0 million is managed by the USF Foundation.

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A cool-talking student narrator (he’s "kind of a big deal") lays out the problem and calls on USF President Judy Genshaft to implement an ethical review process giving students and faculty some influence over where the money goes.

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