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Total Value for the giveaway: 0 Please use the following widget to participate in the giveaway. So here I am, not throwing up all day long, eating better than I have since, well, possibly ever, and feeling like I could go for daily runs with Jeremy, who isn’t running daily but did start running several times a week a couple months ago.

Of course, I can’t actually run, what with my belly and boobs bouncing and flopping, but more importantly because, well, I’m actively saving all my running energy for when I’ll need it most: when we’re past some cataclysmic event and living in a glorious post-apocalyptic era – and also, I hate running.

Not to mention I stopped running last fall and it’s not a good idea to start a new high impact physical activity over halfway through pregnancy (if you are a runner before you are pregnant and can continue into your pregnancy, that’s great!

)But I am wanting to get more active because I know that being active is good for me, looking through Pinterest to find inspiration, browsing You Tube for activities that I would enjoy, while I know that at this point a 20 minute walk completely wears me out – the upside being that I nap really well right now!

#TLBmoves is a campaign where everyone is welcome, couch potatoes to triathletes, fitness experts to exercise loathers, women and men and children, because no matter who you are, taking care of you is one of the ways that you take care of the ones you love.

But once a year I encourage The Leaky Boob community to think about it and find small ways to inch ourselves toward being more healthy.

Our necklaces will provide a focal point, and give them something to play with and grab onto while being close to your heart.

Chunkabuns – Get moving without apologies, but with comfort!

Caboose Too – if your children are close in age, the Caboose is just what you need in a compact double stroller.

The “Too” includes the Rear Seat so you’ll have more options for younger riders.

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“Mom Strong” shirt with matching “Strong Like Mom” shirt. “Strong Like Mommy” for the infant tee and for mom, a “Mom Strong” flowy tee. a Rafflecopter giveaway Tagged With: #TLBmoves, active family, babywearing, Chunkabuns, Contours Carrier, Fit mom, Giveaway, healthy family, Joovy, lose the baby weight, Mom Strong, Strong Mom, teething necklaces, The Leaky Boob moves, The Vintage Honey Shop, workout with baby You might think that with expecting a baby for the 7th time there would be very little left to surprise me about the pregnant life – that there wouldn’t be anything new for me to figure out. But I find myself fairly well stumped about what to do about a condition that I have never experienced in previous pregnancies: feeling well.

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