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Mental Jutsus of the Yamanaka Clan were useless against Jinchuriki due to the demons sealed inside of them and Taijutsu was not something Ino was a full fledged Master of like Fu was when not using that spear of hers.Of course, Naruto being the "Alpha Male" of this particular pack oriented Clan structure had set the ground rules when it came to these...Strangely enough, Anko had come to the rescue in Tenten's confused state of mind, as the Special Jounin had been secretly been trying not to piss herself in fear knowing an angry Fu could be right around the corner, and the seven-tailed Jinchuriki go psycho on her was not something the woman wanted on her conscious right now.Sure, Anko herself was a bit crazy at times, but Fu was the kind of girl, who loved her man, and kicked the ass of every woman into the ICU if they hurt her hubby in some way. Four years later right into the Wings of Libtery he is turned by Kerrigan.Saved by the Dark Templar once again, Naruto returns to his home planet, and live his life there given what he is? Chapter 8-Tension and Conflict Three long years had past since Naruto's return to the Leaf, as he took up his position in being the new Clan Head of the Namikaze Clan, and a position in Konoha's government when important meetings came up.

More questions were asked, which came from Kurotsuchi's mouth then anyone else, and it was her questioning the way things were done in Iwa that sparked the civil war in the village.

two other female members in the clan hierarchy, or the fight did not count.

Third, there would be no gloating from either side depending on who won, and if there was..match was nullified out of punishment for such arrogance.

So when Anko arrived at the Namikaze Estates to give the meaningful apology for being a bitch did she stumble upon Tenten agreeing to going on a date with Naruto in the near future.

So after three long years, Naruto had acquired quite a few future wives, or "mates" as Fu had called her fellow harem sisters with the marriages being secret yet known to the few that witnessed them all.

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