Spanish dating cultures different from american

These differences can be seen in rural mountain towns that rely more on pork-heavy recipes as the area is well known for swine production, whereas coastal towns have more seafood-based recipes.

It’s a common misconception by global marketers that Spanish is universal wherever it’s spoken across the globe.

Traditional art versus art nouveau is the main difference between the two.

Two of the most famous and world-renowned artists of the past centuries were born in Catalonia: Antoni Gaudí, creator of La Sagrada Familia, Casa Battló, La Pedrera, Park Güell, among others, and Salvador Dalí, the surrealist master.

In Barcelona, visitors can hear both languages spoken consistently in different settings.

The government of Catalonia and Barcelona is conducted in Catalan, whereas most businesses will have a mixture of both, depending on if their business services the rest of Spain or just local clientele.

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