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., in Florence, which is built on several defunct Etruscan and other cities. “A religious belief, common to Malacca and Polynesia, that is to say, to the two opposite extremes of the Oceanic world, affirms ‘that all these islands once formed two immense countries, inhabited by yellow men and black men, always at war; and that the gods, wearied with their quarrels, having charged Ocean to pacify them, the latter swallowed up the two continents, and, since, it has been impossible to make him give up his captives.

In his work, “Illustrations of the Rock-Cut Temples of India,” the author ventures to express the very extraordinary opinion that “Egypt had ceased to be a nation before the earliest of the cave-temples of India was excavated.” In short, he does not admit the existence of any cave anterior to the reign of Asoka, and seems anxious to prove that most of these rock-cut temples were executed during a period extending from the time of that pious Buddhist king until the destruction of the Andhra dynasty of Maghada, in the beginning of the fifth century. Further discoveries will show that it is erroneous and unwarranted. Moreover, when we cast a look on a planisphere, at the sight of the islands and islets strewn from the Malayan Archipelago to Polynesia, from the straits of Sunda to Easter Island, it is impossible, upon the hypothesis of continents preceding those which we inhabit, not to place there the most important of all.I love invitations for all sorts of things such as fun home cooked dinners, socials and parties, culinary, culture, music, fashion and style, going out to dinner, buffalo wings, quiet times at home, activities/games, glamour events, entertainment, travel and adventure, water, nature, play and fun. Love movies, beaches, hiking, cafes, the sun, people, transformation, dancing, singing, being sung to, being read to, snuggling, cats, pugs, taking walks when nobody's rushing, hanging out, conversations about ideas, languages, math, scientific discoveries, inquires, inventions, sleeping late in someone's arms, kissing, Earl Grey tea with cream, cooking with others, art, music, love.(the Book of Dzyan) explain, that long before the days of Ad-am, and his inquisitive wife, He-va, where now are found but salt lakes and desolate barren deserts, there was a vast inland sea, which extended over Middle Asia, north of the proud Himalayan range, and its western prolongation.Just an easy going person who loves simplicity and understanding.Represent myself well, enjoys a variety of conversation. Always honest and upfront even if it’s not pleasant. I am a Sagittarius and Fire sign of the Zodiac, my totem animal is the White Tiger, and a visionary with a destiny to fulfill.

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Of course we do not allude to the caves which are known to every European, whether or through hearsay, notwithstanding their enormous antiquity, though that is so disputed by modern archaeology. The final conclusion of the author, who personally visited all the islands of Polynesia, and devoted years to the study of the religion, language, and traditions of nearly all the peoples, is as follows: “The three summits of this continent, the Sandwich Islands, New Zealand, Easter Island, are distant from each other from fifteen to eighteen hundred leagues, and the groups of intermediate islands, Viti, Samoa, Tonga, Foutouna, Ouvea, the Marquesas, Tahiti, Poumoutou, the Gambiers, are themselves distant from these extreme points from seven or eight hundred to one thousand leagues.

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