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On the way out of town, Murad, who was 21, screamed in an effort to stop one of the soldiers from grabbing her breast each time he walked by her on the bus. He didn’t look like a man — he looked like a monster.” When she spied a skinnier man’s calves from her place on the ground, she begged him to take her, hoping his slight size might save her. I put on some pink lipstick and eye makeup — just enough, I hoped, to avoid being beaten.” When he raped her, “He was loud enough for all the guards to hear — he shouted as if he wanted all of Mosul to know that he was finally raping his sabiyya — and no one interfered. I was like a child, crying out for my mother,” Murad writes.

But after ISIS overtook her village in August 2014, that dream died.

Adherents don’t believe in hell or Satan and pray to a fallen angel, whom they call Tawusi Melek, who came down to Earth and challenged God, only to be forgiven and returned to heaven.

This belief has given the Yazidi people a reputation among radical Muslims as devil worshipers. “You are an infidel, a sabiyya [sex slave] and you belong to the Islamic State now, so get used to it.” Then he spat in her face, took out a cigarette and extinguished it on her shoulder. Then he slapped her twice across the face and warned: “Never make another sound again.” In the dark, crowded room of a home where she and the other women were being held, Murad asked what awaited her; another woman who had been there longer told her to look for the stains on the bathroom wall where others had tried to kill themselves rather than be sold as slaves.

“If any Sunni in Mosul was going to help me, it was most likely to be a poor Sunni, maybe a family who had stayed only because they didn’t have the money to leave,” she reasoned.

She spied a house that looked vaguely like her own back in Kocho and knocked on the door.

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“I attribute some of the world standing up to ISIS to Nadia and people like her, who spoke bravely.” Humanitarian lawyer Amal Clooney now represents Murad and other Yazidi survivors before the UN.

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