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Godfrey-Ryan had then hoped her friend could help by speaking to Rose, but that was not the case.'He took me out to lunch and told me how embarrassed he was, how he didn’t treat me like that,' she said of Rose's response to her sharing the allegations of sexual misconduct.'It was really about how I got it wrong, and, obviously, I couldn’t work there anymore.'She ultimately went back to school, saying her time on the show ruined journalism for her and that she still gets upset when she see Rose on the air.I couldn’t be complicit in what silence meant for them, so I allowed my name to run with the story.'It would usually entail some version of him also touching me,' Godfrey-Ryan said of her boss' apology. He’d give a hug but touch the side of the breast.' She was later fired by Rose she claims, when he learned that she had shared details of his behavior with a friend.That move came shortly after Godfrey-Ryan said she approached Rose's longtime producer Yvette Vega about the calls, who made her feel like she was being a 'dramatic little girl.''That’s just Charlie being Charlie,' was Vega's response, according to Godfrey-Ryan.King and O'Donnell returned to the CBS This Morning desk on Tuesday and said that they intended to cover the scandal like they would any other story.The Washington Post published a report on Monday, citing eight women who claimed the journalist (pictured earlier this month) sexually harassed or assaulted them while working or interviewing for his eponymous PBS show'I feel like everyone out there is, yep, because they know this is what we do.

But I think it's well past time for us to express our upsets.She said she found herself at the receiving end of an unwanted sexual advance while riding with Rose in his Mini Cooper, claiming that the host put his hand on her thigh as he was driving through the city.Her boyfriend confirmed the story, saying Crydt had told him at the time.'I don’t think I said anything,' said Crydt. I didn’t move his hand off, but I pulled my legs to the other side of the car. I think he was testing me out.' Two former interns are among the accusers who spoke on the condition of anonymity.Kyle Godfrey-Ryan was one of the three who agreed to let the Post use her name as she detailed her time working as Rose's assistant a decade ago in New York City.She claims that Rose walked around naked in front of her at least a dozen times while the two were working from his home.

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