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Iraq was left with a national government led from Baghdad made up of Sunni ethnicity in key positions of power, ruling over an ad-hoc nation splintered by tribal affiliations.[131] Both individuals resided in Yemen at the time of their deaths rules for liquidating.[132] The following month, al-Awlaki s son was killed by mistake by another US drone strike.Contents Argentina s dictatorial government during the 1976–1983 period used extrajudicial killings systematically as way of crushing the opposition in the so-called Dirty War.[81] They possibly had links to the Interior Ministry and were popularly known as the black crows.Iraq was formed by the partition and domination of various tribal lands by the British in the early 20th century.

In 1953 a regime was installed through the efforts of the American CIA and the British MI6 in which the Shah (hereditary monarch) Mohammad Reza Pahlavi used SAVAK death squads (also trained by the CIA) to imprison, torture and/or kill hundreds of dissidents.In some cases the Soviet special services did not arrest and then execute their victims but just secretly killed them without any arrest rules for liquidating.This partial relaxation of Khomeini s harsh policies and subtle Westernization of the country can be seen paralleling similar events in Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, and Northern Iraq beginning in the late 1990s.The country has since become increasingly partitioned following the Iraq War into three zones: a Kurdish ethnic zone to the north, a Sunni center and the Shia ethnic zone to the south.King Ghazi of Iraq ruled as a figurehead after King Faisal s death in 1933, while undermined by attempted military coups, until his death in 1939.

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