Regular expression for validating ip address

Each of the four numbers has a valid range of 0 to 255.

The following bash script contains a bash function which returns true if it is passed a valid IP address and false otherwise.

NET framework makes working with regular expressions quite easy.

I came across this fact while researching how to best go about validating a user-entered IP address in a Ruby application. It turns out the Resolv standard library includes the Resolv:: IPv4 class and the Resolv:: IPv6 class, each of which expose a regular expression to validate their respective formats.

Regex has never been included in C/C , until the very recent standards.

The ending quotation mark must not be preceded by a backslash character (\).

If the first character is a quotation mark, match a beginning quotation mark followed by at least one occurrence of any character, followed by an ending quotation mark.

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