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On the song "La Havana," the Dipset member calls out Yeezy's Life Pablo album,…

Read More » Sorry Eminem, you can’t lose yourself in this shameless cash grab.

It was produced by Kanye West and was supposed to hit theaters on May 25, but it was never released.

Fast forward to now and Dame released a poster for an updated movie. Read More » On 2007’s Graduation, Kanye West spit, “I’m like a fly Malcolm X, buy any jeans necessary.” It probably not possible to get everyone as clean as Detroit Red was in his heyday, but now we can all honor his incredible legacy thanks to a new clothing line his daughters are launching.

Suffisant pour créer un vrai personnage et conserver une identité sonore cohérente sans se caricaturer, tout en variant les possibilités, et en démontrant sa polyvalence.

Pour cela, Usky a eu l’intelligence de choisir le format 8 titres.

On peut penser à Nusky ou à Di-Meh mais aussi à Usky.

Ce dernier erre dans le rap français depuis quelques années, mais il vient tout juste de se faire connaître, notamment par le biais de deux singles forts et bien mis en image : Mojo et 3 x M.

From Kanye West to A Tribe Called Quest, complementing an album release with a pop-up shop is all the rage.

Last weekend in Detroit, Eminem hopped on the trend with Mom’s Spaghetti, a two-day merch store that also served spaghetti and meatballs and spaghetti…

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  1. After several years of rumours, more episodes were produced: Sharpe's Challenge, which aired in April 2006, and Sharpe's Peril, which aired in autumn 2008 and was later released on DVD.