Outlook name cache file not updating

Since I’m more inclined to type the email addresses, I haven’t spent the time to troubleshoot the problem.

As you can see, both Auto Resolve and Auto Complete allow you to enter names or emails faster.

The feature displays a drop down list of suggestions based on what you type when addressing any email address fields. NK2 file is sometimes called the nickname list or nickname cache.

Don’t confuse this with the Nickname field on the Detail tab of a contact record.

In the example below, I typed the contact’s name, Dorothy Gale, rather than clicking the Send New Message to Contact icon on her record or using the To button.

When I right-click the red underline, Outlook will try to resolve the name Dorothy Gale with the email addresses in my Contacts folder.

And if you’re not careful, one of these can cause problems. As you might guess, Outlook’s autocomplete and autoresolve features help you with email addresses.

If you have multiple Outlook Profiles, you will have a . The next time you start to type an email address in the To, Cc or Bcc lines, Outlook suggests matching entries.Or, if you’ve never created contacts and instead used Auto Complete to track your email addresses, the file is a good basis to build your Contacts. One nice utility is from Nir Soft because it also finds the Nk2 file location automatically.This can be an issue as the location and name change based on your Microsoft Outlook version and your operating system. Auto Resolve is another convenience offered in Outlook, but without concerns for hidden files.Auto Resolve uses your Contacts folder but Auto Complete suggests entries from a hidden system file with a .NK2 extension that is linked to a specific Outlook profile.

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This is a frequent problem for people who don’t create contacts, but prefer to use this file their pseudo address book. Another way of thinking about this file is as the last 1000 email addresses you sent correspondence to including CC and BCC addresses.

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  1. Today, however, I tried to open a RAR file, but it was not unpacked. I believe that I need another tool to re-assemble the parts of a single file that has been split into several RAR pieces. I expect to have to do some post extraction work to re-assemble the original file.