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Sexual nervousness with weak erection and ill effects of sexual desire indicates Conium.

Sulphur is a very effective for premature ejaculation along with impotency especially when the organ are cold, relaxed and powerless .

Baryta Carbonicum is effective for treating diminished desire, premature emissions, and enlarged prostate along with indurated testicles.

The most effective homeopathic medicines for premature ejaculation along with diminished power are Phosphoricum Acidum, Conium, Sulphur and Iodum.

There are several homeopathic medicines for premature ejaculation treatment which increase the sexual intercourse time and overall improves the health of penis.

Homeopathic treatment gives a good feeling of wellness and thus helps in regaining the vigor.[toc] The top grade homeopathic medicines for Premature Ejaculation are Agnus Castus, Ustilago, Graphites, Kali Bromatum, China and Phosphorus.

Selenium is a wonderful homeopathic medicine for sexual neurasthenia with thin and odorless semen.Getting excited easily and having lascivious thoughts all the time are most indicated symptoms for using homeopathic medicine China.Graphites is mostly indicated when person has great sexual debility, with increased desire and aversion to coition.Premature ejaculation is diagnosed when a person always or most of the time ejaculates within one minute of sexual penetration, when a person is unable to delay ejaculation during intercourse.Premature Ejaculation is associated with several factors such as erectile dysfunction, stress, anxiety, relationship problems and some biological causes. It can affects a one’s self esteem and relationship with the partner .

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