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The label on a regular turkey may include the phrase, "Contains up to X% retained water" as shown in Photos 1-2 Do not confuse this with a self-basting turkey.Retained water is water that is absorbed and retained by the skin and meat as a result of washing and water-immersion chilling during processing.

Oddly enough, a natural turkey may contain a solution of water, salt, and other natural flavorings to enhance tenderness and juiciness.

"Being range grown in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, our Heirloom Turkeys enjoy the large open pens covered in grass and shaded by large oak and pine trees.

The deep well water complements their vegetarian diet of certified organic corn and soy, free of animal by-products, GMOs, antibiotics, growth enhancers and hormones.

According to the USDA, turkeys must have access to the outdoors in order to be called free-range.

Producers like Norbest say that their free-range birds have unrestricted access to the outdoors and "may roam freely outside in the fresh air and sunshine, but still have access to shelter, fresh water, and nutritious feed." This means the birds have the ability to go outside if they want to, but it doesn't mean they actually did.

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