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All the below list of topics will be written comparing America vs. As of now, these are the topics that I can think of…I will keep adding topics as I get to my mind….

I plan to write from one of these topics every alternate day (not necessarily in sequence) in addition to regular articles that I write ….

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The cut off for LSR Econ Honors degree was 97.5% across all your subjects in the national high school exams. NOBODY who gets into LSR, in a major they want, walks away from it for a college in a different quintile.

The second social and cultural reality is that even in a 30 minute bus ride to a closer college, or to go to the mall or to go anywhere, there is a positive probability that some asshole with grab you or try to grope you.

Some of the common questions everyone encounter are : I can keep on writing the questions.It’s easy to believe that women in Delhi would spend more money or time to take a safer route but it’s impossible to believe that they would sacrifice college quality because of safety, particularly across quintiles.It is super cut throat to get into elite colleges or even good colleges and its perceived impact on your career prospects is massive. Stephen’s, SRCC, LSR etc would give that up for a lower ranked college.They may pick and choose between the elite colleges based on perceived safety or choice of major but no student (or parent ) would prefer that they (their kid) study in Dayal Sigh college because it’s safer to get to than LSR.It’s like someone walking away from studying for free at Harvard because it’s safer to catch a bus to Bay state college. “It’s like someone walking away from studying for free at Harvard because it’s safer to catch a bus to Bay state college.” It’s not even a little bit like that.

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If you are looking for a specific topic that’s not in the above list and you want that to be part of the series, you can leave a comment and I will add it to the list.

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