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But he’s never going to feature in any art history.

It goes back to that idea of looking at something as fine art: why does everyone think “that is a lovely thing”? Different cultures have different ideas of what is beautiful. I always come back to the fact that all the urinals you see in the museums around the world, the so-called Duchamp urinals, they all had to be remade by a skilled potter. BE Well, some ideas don’t actually have that much extension left in them.Grayson Perry Yes, if you want to make a big pot, you’ve got to have a big kiln. I was thinking about the differences between the music and art worlds, and one thing that strikes me is that professional musicians are quite happy to share things with each other – their ideas and techniques, the tricks that made them famous.Is that something more characteristic of music than art? In the art world, originality is seen as a precious commodity and it’s increasingly difficult to get because the territory of art is so trampled.They met at Perry’s studio in Islington, north London.Eno came with a Dictaphone and a magazine about electronic music; Perry was dressed as a man.] That’s a big machine, isn’t it! I have many well-travelled pathways in interviews, and in many ways I’d rather not go down any of them. I did have one idea, coming over, and that’s why I brought this keyboard magazine.

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When I rocked up at Santiago de Compostela on my bike, they gave me a form and it said, “Is your purpose spiritual, cultural or sport?

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