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The performance was pretaped before Cook was forced to cancel shows on Monday and Tuesday to go home to deal with an unspecified family emergency.The show also featured a wonderfully WTF performance from the always unpredictable Lady Gaga, which found her starting "Poker Face" at a Plexiglas piano filled with bubbles while wearing a silver suit of shiny disco armor.I couldn’t help but chuckle watching Adam commit multiple misdemeanors against the mic stand as the first in a series of ladies’ undergarments began their awkward trajectory toward the stage.And did he really thrust his hand lasciviously down his waistband as he snarled the line “way down inside”? But in spite of/because of the overt sexuality (choose your side), the performance was one of the best of the evening.She crooned at the keys, accompanied by a dreadlocked violin player, then bounced up, exploding into the familiar club beat.

My one disappointment was seeing Allison restricted to performing only three songs, but thankfully she was back a short while later, during Adam’s set, for a reprise of their duet of “Slow Ride.” As iconic as the performance was during season 8’s Rock Week, the live version was even more chill-inducing, as Adam and Allison stalked the stage (and wrangled discarded bras) with the polish and poise of seasoned vets, not a couple of kids who less than a year ago were performing respectively in a touring production of and as a headliner at L. Oh, and on the subject of Adam (not to mention memorable Rock Week performances), let me just say that freed from the watchful eyes of Fox’s five-second delay, his “Whole Lotta Love” was even more scandalous in Newark.

Alas, a rather unfortunate set of group numbers and a 20-minute intermission halted the energy between Matt’s set and that of third-runner-up Allison Iraheta, but the lag only highlighted the way the teenage rocker took the audience from zero to roaring after only a few raucous (and beautifully sung) bars of Pink’s “So What” (performed with guitar in hand and wind in her hair).

I’ll be honest that I didn’t take notes during Allison’s three-song set, and not just because I didn’t want to miss a second of her performance to find the pen I dropped on the ground in a fit of fanboy excitement.

By comparison, Adam’s take on Muse’s “Starlight” was lacking in rip-roaring energy, and felt more like a weird detour into thinly disguised musical theater, before things got back on track with a vocally effortless, hauntingly interpreted “Mad World,” that suffered only from the slightly canned sound coming from the band.

Adam finished things off with a mashup of Bowie’s “Life on Mars,” “Fame,” and (a sped-up rendition of) “Let’s Dance.” Now I’ve got to admit, I’m not usually a fan of a medley, but the first two tracks in particular were such perfect fits for ‘s glam-rock master, I’m hoping he’ll consider a cover of one of ’em for his upcoming debut album.

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