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I made a composite of three pictures: Carmen, Vero and Amy. But getting back to Fangoria, I don't think anybody has mentioned what an incredible accomplishment it is to be featured in that magazine. So the fact that Amy is now in the current issue is proof that she (and Maleficarum) have finally arrived. And so, I come to the end of my incredibly short post, I leave you with one picture from Jac's Diaries.

When I got into the business I told myself I would not look for a relationship.Jac was commenting recently, to Beto, the famous inquisitor, that he didn't expect . He wanted a quick run at the Cinemateca so the actors could take their friends to a nice premiere. It became the most polemic film in Bolivian cinema history, and it's steadily reaching farther and farther. I didn't really think it looked like Amy, but thought the make-up was overdone for purposes of promotional pic, thereby giving a different appearance (like Lindsay as Marilyn for example) It's easy to mistake them sometimes, not all the times, some of their features are very similar. We're hoping that as we release new films, and we become better known in the larger world, we'll see our audience grow to millions.Yes, it is a classic of GIMP in a mainstream movie. There was another actress who also worked in the miniseries, and worked on a video with Jac and when Amy was looking at all of the work of that time, she thought that woman was Carmen. Maybe it's the way Jac uses the camera sometimes, the angles he chooses, the poses. If I were Amy, I'd immediately send in a complaint in to Fangoria and get this rectified ASAP! One film that might do its work for this growth is Cool Fangoria cover! I'm pretty sure (although not 100% certain) that's Camille, not Amy.Members of this forum may be interested in some catalogs and flyers from the late 1970's and early 1980's I've been scanning, particularly the R. We'll be shooting the missing sequence next weekend, but in the meantime we have received news that City Hall is going to be sponsoring us big time. Is there something about it that makes it stand out from the crowd?We'll have a big premiere where the mayor of the city will be present. For example: ~ Amy Hesketh whipped while riding a wooden horse in Maleficarum is already a classic of great GIMP in mainstream cinema, not only for that scene alone, but because of the entire movie.

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And then there's the perfect casting of the late David Hess, playing the kind of scary scumbag role that he excelled in.

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