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The first version of Big Brother was broadcast in 1999 on Veronica in the Netherlands.

In the first season of Big Brother, the house was very basic.

Nearly all later series provide a modern house for the contest with a jacuzzi, sauna, VIP suite, loft and other luxuries.

The format has become an international TV franchise.

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In 2001, the US version adopted a different format during its second season, where the contestants are encouraged to strategize to advance in the game; in this format the contestants themselves vote to evict each other.

The contestants are required to do housework and are assigned tasks by the producers of the show (who communicate with the housemates via the omnipresent authority figure known to them only as "Big Brother").

These websites were successful, even after some national series began charging for access to the video stream.

In some countries, Internet broadcasting was supplemented by updates via email, WAP and SMS.

The term Big Brother originates from George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, with its theme of continuous oppressive surveillance.

The program also relies on other techniques, such as a stripped back-to-basic environment, evictions, weekly tasks and competitions set by Big Brother, and the "Diary Room" (or "Confession Room") where housemates convey their private thoughts to the camera and reveal their nominees for eviction.

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Although essential amenities such as running water, furniture and a limited ration of food were provided, luxury items were often forbidden.

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