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In 1992, Greenytoons founder, Robert Stainton was testing out some arcade games he bought from "a Chuck E.

Cheese's knockoff's liquidation sale", until one day, he found a Dragon's Lair cabinet with a Laserdisc drive in the back. He then told the entire staff that he wanted to plan out an arcade system, codenamed at first, "Arcadia". The Greeny Arcade was suppose to look like a real arcade system, but it may take the developers a lot of time on the project.

As depicted from the 1994 commercial, Greeny Arcade is a multimedia gaming system, released from the people behind the TV show, Greeny Phatom.

There is also a portable version called Greeny Arcade Pocket Handheld.

"He recognized the importance of it all when he saw people were tossing out this stuff," Saucier said. He'd made donations to ICHEG before, and that relationship led to a long conversation that culminated with today's donation.

One of the specimens included is Maze Invaders, an unreleased Atari coin-op game from 1981 heavily inspired by Namco's Pac-Man and Stern Electronics' Berzerk.

The bulk of what was acquired may have little impact as an exhibition but should provide critical context to researchers studying the advent of video games in the 1970s and 1980s.

This shows all of the North American releases for the Greeny Arcade.

Video games such as Spongeland are only sold in Europe, Brazil, Austraila and Japan, or whatever.

The fact a company hung on to these kinds of workaday documents, and someone saw fit to buy it all up as an historical record, is a lucky break for researchers, said Jon-Paul Dyson, ICHEG's director and the vice president for exhibits at The Strong. "But I think Atari, because it is the company that more or less founded the industry, it had this interest, in how it operated, in this preservation of its legacy." All of this stuff was bought up when Midway Games, after acquiring Atari Games (the coin-op division spun off from the main company after the mid-1980s home console crash) shut it down in 2003.

"The video game industry has always moved so fast, it's always forward-looking — 'What is the next game? A man named Scott Evans, who worked in electronics recycling and salvaging, bought the material from a liquidation sale.

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The Strong recently acquired the games collection and business records of Broderbund Software, the publisher of Myst and the original publisher of Prince of Persia.

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