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We three students appear in the film in white lab coats acting like Robot Scientists!!See more » Scenes of cowboys on horseback, and Cole Porter's "Don't Fence Me In"...They adopt the traditional sampai-kohai relationship, the tutelage of a wise elder from which a worthy young man learns.In this story of cutting-edge video fakery, the film exploits images intelligently.

In the background of some of the shots there are two legged robots: one hopping in a circle in a tea-house; the other bouncing up a garden path.Three grad students and a professor worked steadily for about a month before Hollywood, and then five days on the set and on location to get the robots in about 15 seconds of film.The credits are: Marc Raibert (our prof), and Charles Francois, Rob Playter and Lee Campbell (me) who are students.We see reflections of Web and Jingo on the TV monitor as they analyse the 'ghost'.Connor effects a clever 'look-back' on the lab's video camera, hinting at hidden permutations in the characters' relationships.

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When Web and Connor drive in the rain and only Web is shown, the passenger side windscreen wiper reaches the area that is wiped by the other blade.

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