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As of the end of Season Three, major changes happen to the cast that affect the entire continuity of the show; spoilers will be unmarked. Beware: only developments of the newest season will be spoilered.(Right now, that's Season 6.)Click here to go back to the main character page and main character of the on the title of any post, it is a link to a separate page that shows all the comments.

He's very protective of his widowed father, Sheriff Stilinski, and holds a special torch for Lydia, who over the course of the show turns into another trusted friend.

Even after her death, Chris remains a steady ally to Scott and his friends.

Like Lydia, Jackson has a great life: his family is filthy rich, he's dating the most popular girl in school, and he's the captain of the lacrosse team.

Ashamed by this, she spent eight years in the wild as a coyote and avoiding her father. Stiles's father, a widower and the Sheriff of Beacon Hills.

It was only through the intervention of Scott and his pack that she became human again; now, as a member of the pack, she is readjusting to her humanity, human life and figuring out her feelings for Stiles."I don't mean I'm not strong or I'm never gonna learn how to be in control. A well-meaning and loving father to Stiles, and intelligent and overworked, Noah does his best to protect and enforce the law in his town.

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