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It was there that they took over the adjoining warehouse and developed the monoframe chassis with airbag suspension, which was going to change the world. There was also a depot at Beckton, then the company moved to Harold Hill, just off the A12. I suppose that this would have been in the early 80s, and I vaguely recall the trailer having a tilt body. I used to work at Chris Hudson International in the traffic office.There were some very good people involved in CHI, but you had to be carefull - lots of family connections working under one roof. When I joined (1975/6) I was responsible for making sure Ford Halewood had enough empty trailers and arranging units to drop and collect, shipping via Felixstowe-Europort Ro Ro.

The open web provides a plethora of resources for finding data.There were some very good people involved in CHI, but you had to be carefull - lots of family connections working under one roof. I have asked this question on here before but it drew a blank as somebody once told me that CHET stood for Chris Hudson European Transport or was this just another ferry story ( or should it be fairy story ). Don Collison's from around Dagenham, a firm in Matlock - the name will come to me, A(miram) White - he used to fill the office with pipe smoke. Pick up from Felixstowe through the night, drive, tip, drive, pick up, back to Felixstowe.Kirbs50Hi Kirbs, do you know what the connection was ( if any ) between Chris Hudson International and CHET TRUX who ran out of I. Can't remember, but I think the rate was 15p or 55p a mile in the early 80's. No mobile phones, so drivers had two numbers to call, Import (I'm at Felixstowe and need another trailer) and export (I'm empty, where do I go now? I remember clients seemed to think we were running an airline rather than a road haulage company - 'where's my trailer, it's 15 minutes late'.They were sticklers for getting the CMR signed AND stamped,and if you didn't,then they wouldn't pay you.They did have quite a few Scania LB 81's with sleeper cabs,which I think were Jennings conversions.

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  1. Long story short, I think MIX & MATCH and IKON should have been a little more blatant about the fact that they didn't received direct permission and that they were using his work because they were fans of him and his work and that they only had the utmost respect in mind.