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Nature gives away its secrets to us for free, its we mortals who patent these eternal truths in our name.The kind of genetic engineering scientists do today is looking at the system in parts – whereas the fact is that the system works as a whole, not in parts.It was much similar to some of the so called software engineers googling and copy pasting software code – without trying to understand what the code actually meant or did.Genetic engineers similarly were used to searching inside the DNA to find genes with specific functionality and simply copy paste them in other species without really understanding the overall impact of these INDUCED genetic changes.One would recognize this if one listens to the chanting of the vedic hymns, the highlight of which is laser sharp focus on pronunciation and pitch.The ancients had also strongly advocated that we should always think only about positive thoughts and speak good.The Missing Link Now if you are wondering about the relations between the above mentioned Flashback #1 and Flashback #2, a Russian experiment has proved that, what was thought to be junk DNA till yesterday is actually the DNA which creates a Biological Internet – which of course is wireless in nature, communicating via light and sound waves!

Modern metropolis today have cellphone signal towers popping out everywhere and their negative impact on human brain and health is being slowly revealed, and within the next decade we will have people who have used cell phones for most of their lives and those who are over exposed to it will be revealing the exact long term health impact of prolonged daily cell phone usage.

So things like intuition, self-healing, telepathy, light-auras surrounding spiritual masters, influences of positive thinking, etc are no longer a domain to be studied outside the boundaries of modern science.

The truth is that modern science itself had a blind belief about these otherwise scientifically valid facts all these days.

In other words, those who use cell phones for prolonged hours regularly today are simply offering themselves as experimental goats for an experiment which otherwise would have required a lot of both time and money.

Coming back to genetics, the once popular Mexican corn got mixed with the genetically altered species of corn meant for ethanol production (not for consumption), and a stage was reached where corn meant for food got adulterated with corn meant for fuel!

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