Geek speed dating funny

" (Lori Petterson) I went to a wet t-shirt contest and what a disappointment.

It would have been a lot more fun if they could have gotten the girls to wear them.

During my annual performance review, my boss spent most of the time beating me on the head with a yachting cap like the Skipper did Gilligan.

(Tony Myers) It has been said, "If you love someone, let them go." And if they come back, cut off their feet, steal their shoes and then make fun of them on the Internet for crying little girly tears.Los Angeles hospitals will need a few dozen of these people.(Lori Petterson) Sometimes I wonder whatever happened to that boy I used to date in school.Also, I guess you could leave them a cake or something to kind of make up for being jerks.(Matt Maynard) There's nothing more embarrassing than having finished a huge brain dump at work, then having someone in the break- room point out you still have a piece of spreadsheet stuck to your ear. Sabien) I don't think I'll get that promotion after all.

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lasting, that is, until that moment he realizes he'll have a pretty tough time collecting his winnings. Sabien) They say, "At Olive Garden, we treat you like family." And sure enough, a waitress jumped line in front of me at the restroom, a waiter borrowed my phone and didn't return it, and the cook got all testy when I complained that my order was wrong.

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