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(Although you can change that setting – highlighted below – to “Me Only” so that your Omegle activity is not shared).3.

The Omegle privacy policy clearly states that the following information is saved on their servers for 120 days: “the time your chat began, your IP address, a randomly-generated ID tag assigned to your computer, your chat partner’s IP address, and your chat partner’s randomly-generated ID tag.” While this data is used for law enforcement and to try to track and prevent spammers, note that you are willingly providing this information when using Omegle.4.

When choosing this feature, an Omegle Facebook app will receive your Facebook “likes” and try to match you with a stranger with similar likes.

This allows you to talk with strangers with only text and you cannot see each other nor hear your voices.

You can take a look at the history in their web browser.

The shortcut Ctrl-H will open the browser history in Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari. Keep in mind that savvy kids may know how to delete their browsing history. I was curious to know if the parental control software I use on our family laptop would allow my daughter to visit the Omegle site.

Not everything over there is fully functional yet, and the internal links still point to this blog, and will for the indefinite future.

So all the old material will be left here for archival purposes, with comments turned off.

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