Free text chat without signup on mobile look imtimadating

Every game I have loaded-up ran without issue; everyday tasks such as calling, texting, and web browsing are a breeze.Looks great, too, especially with the arc glass and (my favorite feature) the rear buttons. They are willing to loose my Broadband service along with me transferring my mobile over to them.true but when I joined Optus nearly 20 months ago they had some fantastic deals for nbn.A few posts have been deleted on this topic today – probably for linking directly to the offer so this thread is to discuss the offer and just acknowledge its existence.My understanding is all Optus employees have been given a unique link to share around which allows up to 10 people to sign up to a new mobile plan (12 or 24 month contracts, including the BYO plans) and get 25% off for the life of the contract.

Would I have better luck in trying to be transferred to the loyalty area and if so how would I contact them? So perhaps a little out of order to be upset about it....

They said the order has gone through and the sim has been shipped.

Demand wouldn't be any more than an i Phone or Samsung Galaxy release, and in those cases I've never not received confirmation of my order.

I had fetch tv included along with the fastest speed pack all included as part of the bundle.

The cheapest deals going around at the moment is myrepublic at .99 unlimited.

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So for example the current $40 BYO plan with 12 GB, you get for $30 for the 12 months. While its against the T&Cs to link directly to it here, you should be able to find quite a few publicly listed URL links to the offer with a quick google.

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