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And so it was that on that day a hazardous lack of experience and a chemical cocktail a hundred ingredients thick changed the shape of my life.

secret killer, sex-crazed mistress with an entrepreneurial side. The effects are visceral, inexorable, and though the worm is constantly being dissected, it persists.

Death in the abstract, but mine in particular, which waits for me at the bottom of a bottle of cherry-espresso semi-permanent dye. I’m a writer too but, like most writers, I pay an “I love my job” tax, so acting for film and TV was once my sort of day job, one I learned as a child on the streets of Toronto—or rather, playing a child on the streets of Toronto.

A female actor, also known as “actress,” a word I don’t normally use, in the name of gender equity; but I will use “actress” here for possibly obvious reasons.

Cut to ultrasound of sub-dermal hives forming by the end of friend’s birthday dinner.

Cut to a cafe the next day: ex-boyfriend says, “I feel like I can actually see your forehead getting puffier every few minut—whoa!

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