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The fall and sway of mackintosh coats and capes in movement will thrill your eyes. " "My God", I thought to myself, "what kind of a madhouse is this? They kissed me on both cheeks, one after another, saying things like "Hi! I was so tired, confused and overwhelmed that I could hardly stand, let alone pay proper attention to what was being said. Under their macs they wore whatever clothes they liked. And like me she had, by law, to be kept in chains at all times. Not only did they appear enslaved by the rail but also restrained by each other I was about to say something in protest, but Rachel, the girl who had been vacuuming, put a finger to my lips. We put on our own chains and take them off and vary them – we have a vast selection, lots and lots – because we want to. The only metal we have on permanently are these neck rings. If you’re interested I'll tell you how they got there..." "We're not into rubber dear, we're in and into chains. The doorbell rang, I opened it, three policewomen burst in, threw me to the ground, handcuffed me and put me in leg-irons. A girl who didn't was slapped into submissive silence. If the Police accuse you, you are accused and therefore guilty. apart from amorous murmurs..." "We slept well, despite all our hardware. The wardress woke us early, instructed us with morning protocol: chains on, chains off, showers, clean dresses, etc." "Right girls, you are now going to go to the refectory for breakfast. Once there you may remove your coffle-chain and talk at table." "And so it was.

The feel of cool rubber against your skin will turn you into a veritable Messalina, the weight of thicker double-texture macs will give you us unbelievable satisfaction, that of being enclosed and protected within pure joy. It makes us happy, gives us life, makes us sociable. I'm Susan (or Mary, or Jenny, or Ann, or Griselda, call me Grizz) Welcome home! Finally they sent me off for a pee then sat me down and gave me something to eat and a glass of wine. "I'll just slip these fetters round your ankles in case any of those daughters of bitches from the PPU come snooping round." A conversation ensued: I was half conscious of it but was still awake enough to understand that the PPU received a government grant, so much for each convict and with the right to keep anything the unfortunate girl earned selling things outside. If there was an inspection and she was discovered without shackles, she would be taken back into her previous custody I took her advice and was soon getting used to having a chain round my waist and a chain rubbing against each leg. " There was an unmistakable rattling sound coming from upstairs; the unmistakable sound of someone moving in chains. We do the cleaning and much of the housework here because all these rubber perverts you see swishing about in a state of fetishistic ecstasy, don't want to get their macs dirty. We're into chains because we have been processed by deep psychological programming into loving our chains, we’re in a state of permanent buzz if we're chained and as we are deeply in love with each other, being chained together is more than ecstatic for us, isn't if my Love? " The other girl, Alice, known as Alice in chains, echoed. My parents protested but the chief policewoman explained: "She's been accused". I was pushed into a seat along the side of the van, a collar was snapped round my neck. The rest of us got the massage." "We arrived at the Courts of Justice. In addition to your sentences which are thirty years each with no chance of parole or reduction, I am forced to add twenty more for contempt of Law. She led us to a very large room with barred windows. Our snack finished, dressed in clean – if austere – clothes at last, we awaited orders. Tomorrow morning I will explain what you are here for. Put on your fetters and attach this chain to your necks, back to front to back. The refectory was enormous, there were six groups of six new girls: us. A new promotion was imprisoned every year: all girls of fifteen.

The smell of rubber will turn you on, as they say, more than any perfume. " "You see Jane, even holding you against me, quite apart from my wanting to comfort you after your ordeal, gives me intense joy, hardly sexual at all, like suckling must be. There was nothing prison-like or sinister about it. We were met by a gaggle of girls, all talking at the same time. It was long enough for me to reach the bathroom and even open the door and go out on the landing. Usually but not always, she would be wearing a mackintosh or some other rubber garment. " She was chained by the waist to the rail, and her ankles were fettered. Waist to rail by a long chain, and her ankles shackled by a short one.

The swish and ripple of rubberised cloth will be music for you. When Himself said I was to be your mother here, he knew what he meant. I was so unused to people and so exhausted that I could not take it all in. I at last learnt who was who and what waterproof distinguished her. Sally the riding mac, Amanda the thigh-length blue rain-jacket lined in yellow, Grizz had chosen a hip-length navy-blue double-texture cape, Mary was usually in a red belted single-texture mackintosh with a hood, Susan wore a double-breasted SBR, Ann a floor length single-texture cape, Jenny a beige double-texture Inverness. She had been through all the things I had, and more. To make things easier for them, they both wore steel rings round their necks which a slim chain some four or five yards long, which linked them together. "We were nice little girls, fifteen years old more or less, good students, no problems, until, one morning as I and the rest of the group that was to be taken, were all washed, nicely dressed in our uniforms and about to leave for school.

To be sure, I enjoy seeing women in chains" The two girls giggled a little. And I hope you will wear what you are wearing now as often as possible. "Girls, what do we get from wearing rubber clothes? He has an infallible method as you will be finding out about over the next few days, once you have rested and recuperated a bit. " She gathered the chains from the car seat, stuffed them into her copious bag. "Now that you are a slave, Jane, you might as well do something useful." We entered the house. When I eventually emerged after God knows how long, Sally was waiting. I had reversed the meaning of bondage: now it was on my side. LIFE IN A PRIVATE PRISON For several days, perhaps a week, I just rested, slept, ate, pottered.

You see my dear, they are easy to put on and take off. "In a couple of weeks you'll be like the rest of us. I sat up straight, realising I had been resting my head on Sally and that her arm was round me.."Sorry... It was a big Edwardian house which gave onto a street. She dried me off, dried my hair such as it was ("It'll grow again dear") and helped me into the nightdress. :" she snapped a slim fetter round my ankle; a long chain tethered it to the frame of the bed. From time to time one or other of the girls would knock and ask me if I needed anything, if I'd like a walk, or to explore, or just chat, or wanted something to eat or drink.

And you can walk properly now." She took up the end of my leash and we walked on.

and don't you dare get your chains or the cape or your shoes wet or you really will be whipped! I did as I was told and then stood up, feeling much better.

Except Mary who had been orphaned by her father for disobedience. It was a biggish bedroom, warm, carpeted, with an (unbarred) window and curtains. There's a dressing gown and towels behind the door. Grizz and I reminisced about our pasts like veterans of the with rest and affection I noticed more and more things in the house. It allows a slave to go wherever in the house her duties take her without ever being unchained. There was a bench where we sat for what seemed hours and probably was. The door opened and we were led out, across a passage to another door that said SENTENCED." "There was what seemed to be a tribunal: a judge, a couple of clerks and a couple of policewomen to keep us in order. However, as you are minors, you will be confined in a disciplinary centre till you are eighteen. We were shoved into another van where we had to sit or lie on the floor. A large slogan was painted on the wall: OBEDIENCE MEANS SURVIVAL." "We shuffled around in our shameful and disgusting state, not sure what might happen next." "The wardress spoke. This will not be difficult as we know you have all been having sexual relations and are lovers. You will then go to your desk, at the foot of you bed, where you will find a nice sandwich and a bottle of water. and two wardresses with truncheons burst into the room.... You must condition yourselves to chaining and unchaining your lovely little bodies. Any girl found without the restraints she has been told to wear will be punished. And if a girls is to be whipped, say, her bedfellow will be whipped with her too! Just try to make too much noise." "Under your beds you will find a set of fetters for each of you, Put them on. We all know you have been sentenced for no reason at all; only because you are good, intelligent students and because you are all very pretty.

I wonder if you're a good cook, we're getting rather tired of Amanda's tomato sauce." Amanda poked him with her elbow. Jane isn't used to slaves elbowing their masters." "Yes, Milord, Sir." "Now Jane, by law you must be chained up at all times but that doesn't mean you have to wear all that ironmongery all the time. Not only do I enjoy being surrounded by girls in chains I also have a penchant for rubber clothing. The chain on my leg gave me a wonderful feeling of security.

We'll fit you up with a comfy waist to ankle job that will suit us all. That is why you are so desirably wrapped in that cape and why dear Sally is imprisoned in her mackintosh and my lovely Amanda in her little jacket. "You see," she explained, "this wicked man has programmed us by a series of neurological behavioural and sensory modifications to become fetishists, perverts. I was chained not to stop me wandering, not to punish me but so that I could not be stolen back to hell again.

I have no desire to mutilate you or even mistreat you. They all open the same way" "I'll keep the manacles, thank you Sir." I freed one wrist, passed the cuff through the central ring and closed it on myself again. Sally took the chains and laid them on the seat beside her.

Yes, you are going to find some kind of job and help with the housework and so on. And the devil finds work for idle hands and hands in chains are forcibly idle. "Now dear, you have to choose between the manacles and the fetters. "And the next thing will be your psychological modification.

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