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Note: Could this one really be considered an homophobic songs in the way we are analysing them here? Lady Saw describe the harassment she goes through when she walks in her neighbourhood. The way I understand it: the same way Rastafarians are 'burning' homosexuals, she does a similar attitude when someone try to mess with her, she is using the now (unfortunately) famous Buju Banton's quote 'Boom Bye Bye', probably with the gestual of a gun made with fingers. Note: This song seems to be a combination of four songs made by VP Records for the album Reggae Gold 2003.

When I told a few girls at my office they were shocked at my secret life.

Note: There is also a song named "Combination Mix (part 2)" by the same singers on the compilation 'Ragga Ragga Ragga 4' (Greensleeves, 1995).

With the 30-secs song excerpt, I wasn't able to figure if that PART 2 also promote violence.

Just her having sex or talking as a normal housewife.

If you want professionally done videos or some with more lighting, she has a separate non-member section for those videos. There is Rebecca, the hard working intelligent corporate mom, there’s Rebecca the Dreamnet MILF who shares her life with her members and finally there’s the very private side of Rebecca that very few of us even knew about until recently.

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