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I would never have sought this out on my own.” She likes to believe she’s the Dallas Housewife with whom viewers will most readily connect.“I’m different from most of the Housewives on any of the shows because of my career,” she says.Lee Anne Locken and Tiffany Hendra were under the impression that they were starring in a TV reality show about the Dallas society/charity/fundraiser scene, which more or less turned out to be true. Having the Bravo camera crew shadow her every move was a snap.“I’ve been in front of the camera for so long — Tiffany and me both,” Locken says.“I know there are women on these shows with careers, but mine is the kind where you’ve actually got to be there every day. “Between work and my marriage and raising three kiddos, there’s a lot of juggling.I wear a lot of hats.” Not one of those hats looks like a tiara. “I hope that comes across.” The reality TV life was overwhelming for her at first.In the second episode, it is Deuber who has the first “oh, no, she didn’t” moment when she plays a prank on Locken at the Mad Hatter’s Tea and Luncheon.It appears, in fact, that Locken thinks Redmond is the culprit, making it the perfect crime (at least until Locken sees the episode). “I’m sure I’ll say things that are minorly offensive.

“I’m used to having a camera crew follow me around,” she says.“It’s so strange how this came about,” Deuber says.“The production company found me through a friend who gave them my name.But she and her musician/songwriter husband, Aaron, decided to move to Texas less than a year before production of got underway. But you get to a point as a woman when sense of community and being around family starts to mean so much more than career.And you know the saying: ‘Happy wife, happy life.’ “So Aaron decided to bring me home.

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Redmond is a newcomer to Dallas’ society charity fundraiser world and she quickly ruffled a few feathers with her cheeky attitude about the opulence of these events.

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