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What a sad, sad example of just how low we can go as a society.

The stats on extramarital affairs is over 50% meaning that 50% of married people will cheat on a spouse.

And you have probably made a bad judgement before it got to this point, or else your lover would not be going somewhere thanks very much for my email in my inbox rpburnsusa...........you were an english teacher then.........i can see this debate could go on for ages so i will make it short.......examples that you were pointing out i dont think are all judgements....a bit like saying do i want tea in the morning or orange juice........some ppl make harsh judgements of ppl in a negative way and i do to..........what i meant when i put non judgemental in my profile is i try not to judge ppl on looks,status,work etc.......was general................i wasnt making a judgement on you as a person as such i was reacting to what i felt was you judging ppl that may not be able to write or spell to that ability or want too..course i make judgements............i just meant not on the above things.

Morally wrong but obviously in demand or they wouldn't be there.

Of course, if I attend a wedding where they commit to screwing the neighbors on a regular basis, I'd probably take back my gift..then move! Men and women cheat for the trill has nothing to do with being unhappy at home or bad sex is all about full filling an ego.

:)Open Unions (not marriages) could feature those secret vows in private between orgies and random lovers, then something G-rated and more poetic recited for the benefit of the guests. I might add i see nothing wrong if two adults who are open and honest make a consenual decesion I don't approve of cheating, and haven't done so.

How about when someone talks a little bit too much about their ex lovers?

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...okay firstly you can be non judgemental and have a view and my view is that you are dangeriously judgemental and very narrow minded..damn bit not being attractive is no great loss either because if you took the time to read my profile which you did.........at the top it says for talk/email.eveybody fits your deadbeat profile of somone who doesnt spell right............listen if its such a REALLY big deal for you........correct english to such a point of going on to great lenths about it why dont you become an english teacher instead of patronising and looking down your nose at everybody being nit picky convay attractiveness to the op sex .....seeing as thats what your after.it attractive to look down your nose and be patronising .....that look warm.......i would touch you....unless i wanted to be in a classroom.who was offering.you want to judge on whats attractive as well as spelling........i bet the list goes on........control freakrpburnsusa (msg 49)Goodness, talk about going off topic!Whilst I do agree with you to a certain extent rpburnsusa, I have to say your brief "english lesson" was extremely patronising in it's tone! ) can actually write perfect english - this is a dating site!However, monogamy and fidelity is not natural for humans, or for most other members of the animal kingdom.Marriage is an artificial social construct that sometimes imposes limitations and burdens on the participants that exceed the benefits.

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People are basing their opinions here on the traditional centuries old vows of committment that most of us have used when we married. Brides & Grooms may mouth the words, but secretly they're plotting to take the caterer behind the potted palm and have their way with her.

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  1. Instead, multiculturalism, as an ideology, demonstrates an effortful positive evaluation of group differences” (p. Through analysis the authors found that these differing ideologies did partially explain ratings of interracial and intraracial attractiveness. His expertise is communication across relationships, with topics including deception, affection, workplace romance, sexual risk/safety, attraction, deceptive affection, and initial impressions.