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Benefiting from the healing undergone by his predecessor, the Tenth Doctor possessed an outgoing, lively and genial demeanour that hid his underlying guilt.

He was unique in that he was the only incarnation of the Doctor who chose to waste and abort one of his regenerations, leaving him with just one left, after being hit by a Dalek ray, channeling the energy into his spare hand without changing his appearance, something his successor would attribute to "vanity issues" the Tenth Doctor had developed from enjoying being the person he was in his current incarnation.

Many of his relationships with companions were shaped, to one degree or another, by romance; he seemed to genuinely love Rose Tyler as the person who helped heal some of the scars of the Time War, was completely oblivious to Martha Jones' obvious affections toward him, and insisted upon a platonic relationship with Donna Noble.

The Doctor challenged the leader to a duel over the fate of Earth.

In the ensuing sword fight, the Sycorax leader chopped off the Doctor's hand.

The forces of the time vortex began to destroy every cell in his body, and he had to regenerate to save his life.

(TV: The Christmas Invasion) The Doctor lost his TARDIS on Serac to a Sontaran squad, led by Snathe.

Delaying the process to visit all of his companions, the Doctor finally regenerated in the TARDIS, causing a huge amount of damage due to delaying the regeneration for as long as he did and leaving his successor crashing straight for Earth.

The First Doctor was shown footage of the Tenth Doctor, as well as his ten other successors, by the Testimony when he expressed doubt over the Twelfth Doctor's identity.

As the Sycorax fled, Prime Minister Harriet Jones ordered Torchwood to destroy the ship.

The angered Doctor spoke some words into her aide's ear, "Don't you think she looks tired", to bring about Jones' premature downfall.

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