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Then, come next spring, your beautiful, spic-and-span garage has somehow de-evolved once again into something that looks suspiciously like a landfill. When the couple […]Aside from your home, it is likely that the retirement accounts you and your husband hold make up a large portion of your shared assets.

[…]How to prioritize in your divorce negotiation It’s common enough for people to go a “bit crazy” during their divorce proceedings, but the case of a San Diego pointer-greyhound mix named Gigi was so outlandish that it managed to make national headlines. Divorce accounts, like 401(k) plans, IRAs, and pension funds come with a lot of rules and regulations, which makes them a little tricky to tackle in divorce.

My husband left me three months ago and now wants a divorce.

We are also still more likely to drop out of the workforce in order to care for […]A divorce is one of the most traumatic events in a person’s life, ranking right up there with the death of a loved one.

A divorce is also one of the few times – and maybe the only time – a person has to deal with the court system.

Divorce can be emotionally freeing for women, but it can also be financially devastating.

Women, far more than men, face a stark plummet in their standard of living after divorce.

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