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I attended Mumbai Event on 22nd Dec and met few decent professional guys. You guys are doing fabulous job - by I was not allowed for the event.

Please improve your services and take care of people willing to attend the events and help them sort out their doubts and issues. It wasn't a good experience at all but the organizer has promised to make it better and has given me a free entry for the next event... I've been to a Speed dating event in UK 1 year back, so i'm not new to speed dating. I totally liked the enthusiasm these guys share to help us meet out perfect match. My mom is 54 yrs(Widow) and she got her visa from Mumbai Consulate. The officer then also asked who was she visiting in these countries ,to which she answered the relation of the person in the respective country she visited.The interview was very smooth and the VO did not ask for any documents except passport. My mom just answered to the point so that's preety much it.- by I attended one event of LOL dating, it was not organized and planned properly.None of the girls met me and i was told that i will be given free entry for the next event. On the LOL speed dating website, it is nowhere mentioned that we need to provide a proof of age and profession (mandatory), then why is it asked to upload documents mandatory? Do you guys, don't trust people who are attending the event.

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And we don’t put the emphasis on dating - we encourage people to relax, try something new and have a phenomenal time! You may be single, widowed or divorced - the bottom line is that you're looking to meet other like-minded people to share a vast range of experiences with.

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