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It takes a special kind of stupid for Brucciani to admit online, even after Viola received his comeuppance and was fired, that the two of them were in virtual lock-step at the office, let alone "vouchsafe" for a loser like Viola. As we'll see below in short order, Viola is alleged to have said very nasty things to his colleagues/subordinates.

(He was still a contractor, though the Microsoft case of the 1990s ended any pretense that there is a difference. Note to Viola: you won't understand; leave it to whatever desperate counsel you can sweet-talk into defending you to try to explain it.) Indeed, his potty-mouth and "bad-boy" persona were a couple of the reasons the priests of the SSPX thought he was "cool." He was their version of the Fonz, or something.

(Brucciani used the singular "department" in his explanation.) Let's look at these claims made by Brucciani, since they place the SSPX in a difficult spot.

According to Brucciani, he, Brucciani, as an officer of the Corporation (Secretary and Treasurer/Bursar), "worked closely" with Viola.

Stating that Plaintiff provides good illustration of "why we don't have women in the workplace." Interrupting and telling Plaintiff, "You need to keep your mouth shut." Telling Plaintiff that "Your opinion does not count." Stating to another employee that, with reference to the Plaintiff, "I am not going to take orders from this f*****g b***h." This is what Brucciani considered to be the words of a man of "integrity." Brucciani, who by his own admission "worked closely" with Viola and would, it is assumed, have known the character of the man, sought to smooth things over by, according to the Petition, telling the Plaintiff that Viola's actions "merely reflect 'who he is.'" Brucciani would know, having "worked closely" with Viola. Then Brucciani, after the Plaintiff expressed concerned to him that she feared losing her job, sought to reassure her by noting that she "has a husband to take care of her." Call me crazy, but the above statements do not read like things I'd expect to hear from the "nerve center" of an order of Catholic priests.

One marvels at the many layers of stupid that exist among Brucciani and Viola. Fresh off his defeat in his preposterous attempt to sue the SSPX for wrongful termination, Viola is the star of a new lawsuit, filed by a former employee alleging gender discrimination.

There are not really too many ways to read a statement like that other than at face value.

It may not be copied without the written permission of Ripoff Report. Before we do, we should remind ourselves of what Viola's dunce-accomplice, John Brucciani, wrote on this site on Viola's behalf.We'd almost need one of those monthly tear-off calendars to detail all the awful comments Viola is alleged to have made to the Petitioner, so we'll highlight here just a few from the Petition that accuses Viola.Imagine seeing these on your kitchen counter to start off your day: Stating to Plaintiff that a female's place is in the home. Here is a former employee of the District Office of the SSPX (Brucciani was fired for being Brucciani, transferred out west, then transferred again to England--see another post in this string for the details.) endorsing Viola's "dedication and integrity." Moreover, Brucciani being Brucciani, he goes out of his way to point out that he and Viola "worked closely" with each other. "The lawsuit referred in the complaint is the unfortunate consequence of a dispute with management, subsequent to changes in personnel and internal work policies." Brucciani's lumbering prose aside, there is a lot in the preceding paragraphs to note.

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