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My advice, especially If you're a guy, is do NOT waste your time on here. I had a mental breakdown last year when I wrote that review.Truthfully, the site will only make whatever conditions you have, worse. My advice is not to let others make decisions for you. We are one of the rare sites that actually has a free trial period (2 weeks). I tried deleting it before but couldn't remember my password for this. I agree I could have been more hands-on with the chatroom.' Should women be allowed to vote' or ' Why is the white race better than the black race ' are considered worthwhile discussion subjects on this site.Women who protest will be treated with ridicule and condescension while males who disagree with these extremist views are labeled " effeminate".

The messaging had teething problems and despite emailing ' Jim' about this, I received no response whatsoever, but did find that someone had been poking around in my profile blocking people and messaging other profiles that were then deleted. Previously I've had smiles from people who are nowhere near me and never reply to messages, and this seemed like a trick to get me to buy a membership.

The site is a good idea in theory but it's full of bugs that never get fixed. And if the bugs don't prevent you from sending messages, you'll find that most members have such bad mental health problems that they can't keep up a regular correspondence.

Don't bother joining, it'll be a waste of your time. No Longer and I've enjoyed corresponding with many people, some of whom are located in other countries. Please be careful about the bad reviews for it as I think that some of them have come from trouble-makers who may have been suspended or banned from the site and decided to get some sort of revenge by posting a bad review here.

I noticed most of the users haven't been on since last year.

I guess people are realizing that the site is a dud.

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There are lenghty explanations highlighting the evilness of Islam alternating with judgmental bible preaching, Although the Mission Statement declares that users "don't have to hide those pill bottles anymore", members who talk about their prescribed psychiatric medications are vilified and labeled 'drug abuser', Various religious fanatics promote the idea to deal with severe mental illness using non pharmaceutical modalities only, This website maybe suitable for dim witted males with an inferiority complex, but ladies, folks of African descent or non Christian faith: Run!

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