Dating someone with ms apple admits to backdating options

She did admit that she had no intentions of telling me about her MS for quite some time into our got that know what?

I am glad she did as I honestly do not know how I would of taken the news at a a later date...

I do not plan on babying her (in fact the only the thing I am going to be cognizant of is heat and making sure she is not exposed to to much sun)..this sound like the right track to take? If you want to keep it open and honest then I would just ask her what she feels about her MS and what she thinks or can't do, and to be open with you when she is tried and not feeling good.

Forget the MS stuff and figure out if the the of you have a future.

Unless I ask, I dont want an acquaintance or friend to advise me what drug to use or how often to get an MRI, etc., just as I dont want them to tell me what kind of car to buy or who to vote for, all because they read something on the internet.

Forums like MSWorld are great, but you find conflicting opinions and even information presented as fact that isnt quite accurate. After I started doing the shots I was talking with a bud and excused myself to get the shot done.

I know a lot more ADA & Fair Housing laws than that of the average layman...

I appreciate the advice on the "you look good today" statement because I could see how that may be offensive (thank goodness I haven't said it) on meds (don't know which ones) and she is home on disability (though she says she wants and can go back to work)..had a recent flare when she moved from one place to another so she is a little more fatigued right now and we are hoping that it is not the new "norm" for her but I assured her that if it is we could work around it...otherwise, her MS is not apparent to others Some of you may say this is quite a bit after only a 2nd date..had emailed/text/phone calls for several days prior to the first date..we finally met for putt-putt and prior to her telling me about her MS, well, let's just say romance can pop out and knock you on the head from out of the blue.

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but being female myself, and knowing that MS acts different to each and everyone person... Its best that any of us with MS (or about any disease) dont point it out, because we dont want it to define us.

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