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The timetable design ensured that every student would have the chance to experience working in several settings in Old Age Psychiatry, including community, inpatients, ECT and the Memory Clinic.It was also noted that a two-week placement in any psychiatric team could not easily give a student a sense of patient ‘recovery’.Each clinician received a formal letter of thanks from the Head of Norwich Medical School, the Module Lead and the Secondary Care Lead certifying their contribution to the education of medical students and thanking them for their work.The information pack sent to the students before the placement contained information about the hospital environment (location, map, parking, travel arrangements, key codes and useful contact numbers) and a detailed timetable (and email address) of the clinician supervising the student each day during the placement.

Clinicians and other health professionals have a duty to provide teaching to medical students and supporting them to achieve their learning objectives.The students are encouraged to talk to patients and carers and perform basic clinical tasks such as mental state examination and risk assessment.Table 1 summarises the learning outcomes for students during their placement.They shadow clinicians in two community teams, two inpatient wards and the Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT) clinic.All of these teams are based at the Julian Hospital in Norwich.

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