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About twelve thousand years ago, Finland (the area inhabited by Finns, Karelians and Lapps, between Norway and Lake Onega) was almost totally buried under a continental ice sheet, just as Greenland is today.

Gradually, the ice sheet melted, (early global warming) and its southern margin retreated farther and farther north.

The Baltic shoreline moved south over millennia beginning when the Baltic was a giant freshwater lake fed by ice-melt. At this time, several ringed seal subspecies became land-locked in the inland waters.

The oldest relics ever found in southern Finland are of slightly later origin, dating perhaps from 7200 B. In those ancient times, there lived on the Finnish coast a simple people who made weapons of stone and bone, and who practiced hunting and fishing.

During extremely cold periods between9 000 and 8 000 B.During that process, the Finnish peninsula slowly rose out of the sea, first forming solitary islands, then chains of islands, and, finally, a clearly defined extension of the continent.The retreating glacier striated the bedrock, leaving behind it vivid evidence of the ancient geologic process; and, during the melting stage, clay accumulated in annual layers, and pollen grains were preserved in peat, thus bearing further witness to the vicissitudes of Nature.There is no doubt that "Finland" the area between Lake Onega and Norway has been inhabited for thousands of years, yet history books often make the mistake of stating that the Finns came to Finland sometime in the first millennium.Certainly there were Finns who arrived in "first centuries AD" but they did not fill a vacuum when they got there.

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