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It can be used to age fish born during this period, and is currently effective only for fish up to about 53 years old.Both methods measure the amount of radioisotopes present in the tiny ear bones – otoliths – of the fish.

In otoliths, the tiny bones in the ear of the fish, a radiocarbon signal is stored in the calcium carbonate, and can be correlated to the radiocarbon record of reef-building coral.Where both methods are feasible, using both can provide the most information in an exploratory study.What allows for the precision of bomb radiocarbon dating is the fact that the radiocarbon signal can be measured over time in reef-building corals because coral stores the ocean signal in annual growth bands of the skeleton.In the study, otoliths from collections revealed ages from 11 to 43 years for lengths of 20 inches to 29 inches.Overall, the age and growth calculated for young fish by other methods remained valid up to about 5-10 years, but the extrapolated maximum ages underestimated true age.

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