Dating after weight loss surgery

Whether seeking a new job, being in the workplace, or applying for health coverage, the bias against overweight men and women can be hard to overcome.Research into weight bias has found a consistent tendency to view overweight people as being "lazier," less motivated, and more to blame for their weight compared to thinner individuals.In hindsight, we shouldn't have gone to a Chinese restaurant, as there are few choices there that even today I can eat.It's hardly a surprise that people who are obese face considerable discrimination.I met some nice men along the way and I certainly brushed up on my conversation skills.And besides, if you offer to share your food with him, he'll more than likely think it's charming than that there's something wrong with you. Jen also offers her best personal advice for those of us entering into the dating game after massive weight loss.

I would like to sum up the problem; "Your eating habits".

In qualitative studies of middle-aged overweight individuals, the most upsetting comments about obesity tend to come from friends (followed closely by comments from parents, strangers, and spouses).

Sadly enough, this kind of weight bias also seems to extend to people who are obese (i.e., thin people with a history of obesity).

But a new study published in the journal presents the results of a comprehensive study examining weight bias towards the formerly obese and how it related to romantic choices. Carels of East Carolina University and a team of fellow researchers recruited a large sample of undergraduate students (318 men, 379 women) to take part in a survey using the online questionnaire platform, Qualtrics.

In the study, each participant was told that they would be questioned about “Health Decisions, Physical Characteristics, and Romantic Interest.” They were then presented with the following vignette: "You are single, not in a relationship currently, and interested in dating.

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People who have had bariatric surgery also tend to be seen as less attractive and less healthy, especially by female raters.

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