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Ohio law also allows a “close in age” exception to the age of consent.If one of the parties is older than 13 but younger than 16, and the other is not yet 18, the conduct is considered “reckless” and not punishable as a felony, though misdemeanor charges are possible.Ohio law categorizes illegal sexual contact between adults and minors depending on two factors: the age difference and prior history.Generally, unlawful sexual contact with a minor is a fourth-degree felony.Roger Thorne is an attorney who began freelance writing in 2003.

While the Ohio statute states the age of consent is 16, that only applies in situations where the couple is not married.

Citing a variety of historical sources, it found that it was not.

The court reasoned that the Constitution of the United States did not explicitly give citizens an affirmative right to vote and that, throughout the history of the nation from the adoption of the Constitution, a wide variety of persons—including women—were recognized as citizens but denied the right to vote.

The court noted, in particular, that the second section of the Fourteenth Amendment (penalizing states which denied the right to vote to any of its citizens) referred specifically to male citizens, and concluded that "this clearly recognizes the right, and seems to anticipate the exercise of the right, on the part of the States to restrict the right of suffrage to the male inhabitants." Minor appealed the Missouri ruling to the United States Supreme Court, presenting the same arguments before the Supreme Court as had been unsuccessfully put forth before the state court, and additionally proposing that women's suffrage was consistent with the original intent of the framers of the Constitution.

The Supreme Court unanimously upheld the Missouri voting legislation, saying that voting was not an inherent right of citizenship, that the Constitution neither granted nor forbade voting rights for women, and that allowing only male citizens to vote was not an infringement of Minor's rights under the Fourteenth Amendment.

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The Nineteenth Amendment, which became a part of the Constitution in 1920, effectively overruled Minor v.

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